The real story of how our cryptocurrency was stolen.

We've worked out the details. What you need to do if your cryptocurrency was stolen and how to protect yourself.

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And how they stole our cryptocurrency

Theft on the Internet is developing very quickly. Fraudsters come up with more and more sophisticated schemes to take excess money from the population. Exactly as from their words on the Internet they call their “work”.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, which is completely anonymous and extremely difficult to trace, it has become the target of many scammers. Stealing cryptocurrencies has become the goal of cybercriminals.

Well, the theory can be finished. We really don't know what's in the minds of these villains. But to be honest, there are brains there, because they work beautifully and sometimes even for me, a person who himself tells many how to protect himself, causes some respect. Let's go in order.



Cyprus. Forex conference, Limassol city. This is always an interesting event for us, which we do not miss, but now we are not talking about our meetings and communication with interesting companies, we will tell about this separately. Now we are talking about how the cryptocurrency was stolen from us.

My partner allowed me and politely hinted that while I was on the beach after the forex conference, drinking a cocktail and enjoying the sunset on sea, it was not bad to settle accounts with our partners, namely, to transfer them payment for their work.

Of course, you can discuss the benefits or harms of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for a long time, but again, not about that, and I had a simple task which consisted of simple steps.


Log in to the crypto exchange.


Specify the beneficiary's account and the required amount.


Confirm transfer.

Yes, everything is as simple as two and two. Several times a day, and almost with my eyes closed, I carry out an operation to transfer cryptocurrency and there was never a thought that someone could steal cryptocurrency from me. I'm smart.


My account is on a good crypto exchange poloniex. In the browser search bar, I type poloniex in google search and go to the site in the search results. A well-known visual site of the crypto-exchange opens. Login button. Login + password and get an error about invalid data. Again this exchange is buggy, were my first thoughts and I try again. Again denied access.

In a slight bewilderment, I begin to check the username and password. Another attempt was unsuccessful. And I pay attention to the address bar. A phishing site, of course. As I did not immediately notice the difference in one letter in the name of the company. And with the thought, well, they are idiots, because in order to steal a cryptocurrency, you need confirmation from the link that I receive in my e-mail. Here I have it securely protected. Eh, amateurs, so confused well. And the site was made beautifully, and promoted to the top. Well done!!! But amateurs, since I obviously won’t give them my crypto.

So I thought.


Call partner. so that the payment would be made instead of me, but I was at the conference, shared the news with him that some scammers wanted to steal the cryptocurrency from my poloniex wallet. Laugh how smart we are.



A week later, it's time to use the services of the poloniex crypto exchange. Login from the first time, authorization successfully. Balance $0. Cryptocurrency has been stolen from us.

Crypto-theft debriefing.

Of course, we wrote to technical support asking where the funds from our balance had gone. We were told exactly where they went. They were not withdrawn from one cryptocurrency wallet of one network to another cryptocurrency wallet of the same network. Here we were right, attackers who want to steal cryptocurrency would break off. Here you need access to the mail.

All of our assets have been sold! Most often, when traders trade crypto assets, they remove the confirmation mail to complete the transaction. And by default, this option is disabled on many exchanges. The reason is that it is necessary to carry out transactions quickly, until the price of the crypto asset changes.


After looking at all the cryptocurrency transactions, it became clear that buying and selling was done above the market price, not in the Depth of Market . It turns out that a sell order was placed from one account at an unfavorable price, and an order was closed from our account at this price. Brilliant and simple enough. And all in all, it took about 40 transactions to reset our account. Moreover, the purchase of cryptocurrency was often carried out in different blockchain networks. But these are little things.


The first thing I did was contact support. They made me laugh, of course. They asked me to confirm that I had a fact of theft. I confirmed, and then they blocked me everything. I tried to explain that I am not a scammer, they deceived me, why block my access to a cryptocurrency wallet. But alas, they forced me to go through verification again, enable authentication and change the password. It took about 2 weeks (more precisely, they have to unlock). And only after that we received an official answer.


My wife organized my solution to this problem. She bought me a Ledger hardware wallet, saying that it would be better if she bought a new handbag for the amount of cryptocurrency that was stolen from me. Well, she's right. The Ledger wallet is cool in its execution. You are 100% in control of your cryptocurrency assets and to perform any operation you need to physically press the device buttons. Conveniently? Yes!

I will try to convey a simple message to you. If you have a cryptocurrency wallet on an exchange, this is not your wallet. This is a sub-wallet of the exchange and it is she who manages them. If the exchange closes, disappears, it is hacked, then your funds that are on their wallets will suffer. Therefore, the Ledger wallet will help you.

Answering the question: What to do if a cryptocurrency was stolen - it's useless to complain , accept it as a loss of money, say God, thank you for taking money, buy a Ledger hardware wallet and work on. By the way, the Ledger wallet has a cool staking of cryptocurrencies. Read about it, it's really a worthwhile thing that protects you by 10,000%. Well, if you still trust your exchange, take all possible methods to protect your account, this is authentication, the password is more complicated, binding to IP. Good luck to you.


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