How to make money on airdrops

Is it possible for a beginner to make money on airdrops of cryptocurrencies

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously, new big players have appeared, and even celebrities are not bypassing this market. A striking example is bitcoin, for one dollar you could buy more than 1000 bitcoins, and today one bitcoin costs more than tens of thousands of dollars.

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Of course, such a stunning growth did not go unnoticed and new coins began to appear. The concept of airdrop has appeared, which we will talk about today.

What is cryptocurrency airdrop

First of all, before making money, you need to understand what an airdrop is in cryptocurrency.

The very notion of airdrop came from the English translation of the word, discard, disant. Developers of a particular cryptocurrency drop a certain amount of coins on their clients almost free of charge. This action occurs only once, and never repeats again.

The creators are interested in the free distribution of tokens, because this allows you to attract a lot of people to your project, even before the ICO.

There are two types of airdrop cryptocurrencies:

  1. Automatic - holders of a particular coin receive cryptocurrency as a result of a market hard fork. As was the case with Bitcoin holders who received bitcoin cash on their accounts;
  2. Incentive - rewarding users for certain actions that contribute to the development and advertising of the project. These can be posts on forums, reposts from official groups, joining groups. The more a person does such actions, the more he will be rewarded as a result.

Who can get the cryptocurrency airdrop

Any person who found out about the distribution and completed all the necessary actions in time can receive free tokens.

Since the main purpose of the distribution is to make as many people as possible know about the project, the developers are interested in people being able to perform the necessary actions. Often times, the platform itself gives a detailed plan of what needs to be done to get the airdrop.

The standard list of actions includes:

  • Subscribe in social networks to the official communities of the project;
  • Create an account on the distribution platform;
  • Open a wallet on the platform, but this item is not always required;
  • Repost information about the project on social networks;
  • Subscribe to the project newsletter;
  • Go through verification.

This is only the main list of tasks that will need to be performed to obtain tokens, depending on the project, this list may change and be supplemented.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before proceeding to making money on airdrops, you need to get acquainted with the positive and negative qualities of this event.


  1. There is no fixed number of tokens that each participant will receive. The first hundred participants can receive several thousand tokens, and the rest only one;
  2. There are always different conditions for the promotion. Some companies impose restrictions on the minimum number of friends in social. networks;
  3. Immediately after the ICO, the cost may collapse and never return to the previous level, or the company may go completely bankrupt;
  4. It is not uncommon for airdrops to be carried out by scammers, they attract as many people as possible to the project, collect money and disappear.

Of the pluses, one can single out a low entry threshold. Register new social media network just for getting airdrops it's easy enough. Getting some small days will work out early.

How much you can earn on airdrop cryptocurrencies

This is probably the most important question that worries every reader of this article. It is very difficult to answer how much you can earn in this way. You can enter hundreds of projects in a month, and most of them will turn out to be a scam, while the other part will bring from 5 to 100 dollars.

Of course, you can sit and search for promising projects for tens of hours, but there is little sense in this.

But some indicators are still worth paying attention to when choosing projects to enter:

  • Team presence;
  • Real company technologies, not dummies;
  • The presence of large investors in the project.

If the project meets these criteria, then it can be trusted.

Theoretically, you can earn from airdrops from $ 100 to $ 1000 per month. Provided that you will sell all the received tokers even before the ICO. And if really promising coins are allowed to lie down for a couple of years, then you can win several thousand percent.

Where to find airdrop projects

After we talked about the risks and prospects of this type of earnings, you can lift the veil of secrecy and talk about a couple of sites that are constantly updated with new airdrop projects.

1. TokenDrops

This service provides an opportunity not only to learn about the upcoming airdrops of cryptocurrencies in 2022, but also to check the already completed promotions. For the earliest possible receipt of up-to-date information to your account, you can link your social. network and set up a mailing list;


The project was launched in 2018. The main advantage is not only informing about upcoming airdrops, but also the ability to immediately see the terms of participation.

A team of professionals is working on the project, the interface is intuitive and even a beginner can easily get used to it.

Developers care about the safety of their visitors and have developed a special algorithm that monitors all news about airdrop projects, thereby identifying scams.

Airdrops are sorted from the closest in time. Moreover, the most active users are rewarded every week.

3. AlertAirdrop

Here you can get not only free information about upcoming airdrops, but also filter projects by specific categories.

4. Coin Airdrop

The site provides information on upcoming promotions and publishes the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

A large amount of information from professionals, helps beginners quickly learn and catch up with more experienced investors.

There are also many other sites, groups and channels that publish relevant information in real time, but the above are considered the most authoritative sources.


To summarize all of the above, it should be said that earning on airdrops cannot bring large and stable income on a permanent basis. It is rather a roulette in which you can win or lose, only if you lose, you will not lose anything if only 15 minutes of your time.

How to make money in a day?

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