How to earn cryptocurrency faucets

Cryptocurrency faucet is a free service where users earn cryptocurrency for completed tasks. You just need to follow the instructions provided.

The whole bitcoin will not pay you, but you can count on a payment in the amount of satoshi.

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You yourself can choose which of the tasks to perform, since the more difficult the task, the more you can get satoshi to your crypto wallet. Most of the tasks are related to viewing ads or participating in lotteries with payment to micro wallets.

“Micro wallet is an intermediary between the crypto faucet and your main crypto wallet.”

We can recommend to you. This is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency micro wallets for making money on cryptocurrency faucets for completing simple tasks.

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There are two main types of crypto faucets: accumulative and instant. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

The very name of each of the payment methods already contains the answer to their differences. Accumulative cryptocurrency faucet will pay you a reward after reaching a certain amount. Each system may have its own minimum threshold.

So pay attention to the minimum withdrawal amount, otherwise you will not be able to often receive payment for completing tasks from the crypto faucet.

There is nothing difficult using a cryptocurrency faucet. Most of them do not even need to register using e-mail, and create your own username and password. The only thing you need is a micro-wallet, which the most “correct” faucets provide in the kit for the convenience of the crypto community and its clients.

How much can you earn on crypto faucets?

Now let's move on to the math: 1 bitcoin is now approximately $ 46,221.36 (at the time of this writing, we recommend buying, as it will cost more in any case)

For one completed task, they give approximately 50 satoshi, this is 0.0000005 ฿. In general, you can earn 1000 satoshi per day, this is 0.00001 ฿. It will turn out to be 0.0003 ฿ per month. That is, you can earn only $ 13.9 per month

Advantages of cryptocurrency faucets:

- no specific employment schedule
-doesn't require registration
- not at all difficult, the main thing is free time.

Cons of cryptocurrency faucets:

- small payments, enough for pocket money. But rather it depends on the mentality, no matter how much you give, it will still be small.

Reviews on cryptocurrency faucets what they write about scammers who did not pay users a profit. We don’t trust reviews, we have reported it many times before, so just be careful when choosing a cryptocurrency faucet. But the decision on the choice is entirely yours. Pay your attention to the companies to be careful with:, Welovefaucets, virusbitcoin.

Be careful with your choice of cryptocurrency faucets.

I take responsibility to advise you on several cryptocurrency faucets for making money on the Internet.

DeFi UNI token
  • FreeCardano
  • Payout of tokens every hour
  • Good and convenient affiliate program
  • Register


FreeCardano is a rather famous and proven cryptocurrency faucet by giveaway to cryptocurrencies such as Cardano (ADA). It is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. and if now for completing small tasks you receive a small reward in ADA, then we predict growth of this currency by more than 70 times. The main type of earnings is viewing affiliate advertisements from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sushi token
  • ES Faucet
  • Payout every 30 minutes
  • Has its own interest-free exchanger
  • Register

ES Faucet

One of the oldest and most proven cryptocurrency faucets, with which anyone can earn money. Very simple control and after registration each user is given a bonus. A wide variety of currencies and an affiliate program from the cryptocurrency faucet, according to which you can get additional bonuses simply by logging into this service every day. The undoubted advantage of this cryptocurrency faucet is its mobile application for Android and IOS, which allows you to work and manage payments from your smartphone. In the background, there is a cryptocurrency miner running on an algorithm that allows you to mine on not powerful hardware. You can withdraw cryptocurrency in small amounts.

The most profitable token faucet with 300% ready.

But actually, you can make it easier for yourself with automated bots. Bots are programs that are generated based on human behavior on the site, i.e. mouse control, keystrokes, etc.

Naturally, this pleasure is not free, for one collection you pay the bot a certain amount (fixed), but only for the successful collection. You will also receive a collection report and account balance by e-mail.

You yourself choose with which bot to collect cryptocurrency from faucets, how many bots to use.

Another option for earning AirDrop cryptocurrency.

AirDrop is a cryptocurrency distribution, a marketing strategy, its purpose is to disseminate information about the product.

Two kinds of AirDrop:

Automatic - this type of AirDrop assumes that you don't need to make any efforts, you just get cryptocurrency for free. stimulating - for completing simple tasks, developers pay you cryptocurrency in order to promote their project. Funds are also withdrawn to your micro wallet.

Regarding earnings on AirDrop, no one gives you a guarantee that you will earn a certain amount. You can have 10 hands, and with only one of them you will earn from $ 5-50. You can sit and choose promising projects, but there will be no guarantees.

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