What cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.

The digital asset market is actively developing and more and more new tokens are appearing. Some look promising, and many remain unknown coins. What cryptocurrency to buy in 2022 we will tell in this article.

Detailed information on the growth of cryptocurrencies.

- Why did cryptocurrencies fall so much?
- Which cryptocurrency to buy
- New and promising cryptocurrencies in 2022

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The epidemiological situation has made significant changes in human life. Especially it had a negative impact on the economies of countries. Financial assets habitually used for investing have ceased to be stable, including currency and gold. At the time of the pandemic, almost all assets that would be safe for investment. As a result, many investors became interested in electronic coins.

The digital token practically does not correlate with other types of assets. Fiat currency is losing its investment attractiveness, because it is highly influenced by geopolitical and economic situations. As a result, the currency often experiences sharp jumps in value.

Digital coin for investors is becoming more and more attractive for these reasons:

what cryptocurrency to buy

High development potential, allowing you to quickly and in large quantities increase your investments.

Fiat currency is losing its credibility.

Cryptocurrency trend that has attracted public attention.

Why have cryptocurrencies fallen so much?

Since the beginning of this year, the digital coin market has begun to decline markedly. For example, the most popular Bitcoin token has already dropped to 33.2 thousand dollars per token. This price is the first low after falling in July 2021.

The first token began to fall at the same time as the stock market. The latter experienced one of the worst weeks since 2020 at the end of January. Investors have begun selling risky assets, including technology stocks. This is due to the statement of the US Federal Reserve Service. They announced that they were going to tighten monetary policy and would repeatedly raise the key rate. Investors have decided to invest in reliable treasury bonds of the country. Their profitability began to grow from the beginning of January. The yield for the first time since 2020 exceeded 1.8%.

The US stock market is a factor influencing the value of electronic coins. Prices are also affected by inflation in the world's key economies. Many considered bitcoin to be a great way to hedge against inflation. As a result, this theory has not been confirmed. According to experts, due to a tighter monetary policy, the prices of digital coins will fall. Also, crypto investors are concerned about the regulation of the crypto market, which has begun to be discussed in many countries. For example, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in November 2021 made a report calling for a ban on digital assets in the country.

Due to the fall in the cost of Bitcoin and other large digital assets, many users have a question which cryptocurrency to buy, providing a profitable investment. We do not make 100% forecasts, as practice shows, bitcoin and other tokens, after a large-scale reduction in price, begin to rise in price again. It is worth looking closely at the main digital assets in order to detect an increase in their value in time.

What cryptocurrency should you buy right now?

What cryptocurrency to buy in 2022? This question is now being asked by the majority, because digital assets do not lose their attractiveness. The fall of Bitcoin and Ethereum does not make them very accessible. At the time of writing, the token is worth approximately $34,000. As a result, many are looking for profitable alternatives to earn money.

Very young projects have not yet earned large-scale trust and are too risky assets for investing large sums. Experts have identified promising electronic coins:

Our recommended list of cryptocurrencies to buy

Top 8 perspective cryptocurrencies

FTX Token
The Graph
DAO Maker

Below in the article we will talk about three digital assets. They should be studied and taken into account when deciding which cryptocurrency to buy. It is worth having an understanding of what is worth considering in the first place.

Cryptocurrency must meet the demands and needs. Depending on the purpose of the acquisition, it must be prospective and sustainable. First of all, a digital asset should be simple and understandable. Its implementation must be free. When choosing which cryptocurrency to buy in 2022, check its availability on cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange services. You should be able to quickly implement the digital token when needed. At the same time, it is desirable that the asset is supported by the exchange that you trust.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

It does not matter which cryptocurrency you decide to buy now, the main thing is to know where it is profitable and safe to do it. At the moment, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges with different requirements for users and assets. Some make stricter control, some make significant indulgences.

You can buy cryptocurrency in three sources:

Cryptocurrency exchange. These are large-scale trading platforms where digital assets are exchanged in various volumes. You can buy as one coin, and hundreds.

Exchange services. They exchange cryptocurrency pairs with the most popular tokens and fiat. The amounts here are much lower than on the exchanges. However, the exchange is made as quickly as possible, there is no need to wait for the transaction.

P2P platforms. These are services where miners and ordinary users carry out an exchange on favorable terms for themselves without third-party interference from third parties. The risks of fraud are much higher here, however, the profitability of the transaction is also.

You can determine the place where you can buy cryptocurrency yourself. Please note that many cryptocurrency exchanges require verification. You need to verify your identity by submitting personal data with a photo of identification documents. However, they provide more options. For example, on Binance, you can immediately withdraw money to a bank card. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to determine which cryptocurrency to buy today without fear that the asset will turn out to be a scam. Binance carefully checks all digital coins that it adds to its trading platform.

New and promising cryptocurrencies in 2022

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is overbought. Many projects from blockchain networks to meta universes have already seen great growth in value. Therefore, when deciding which cryptocurrency to buy today, you should pay attention to new projects. Due to the huge interest of large investment funds, it will not be difficult to find interesting and promising cryptocurrencies. It is enough to look at the hype sphere and highlight projects in it that are already supported by such funds. There is a high chance that they will bring significant profitability.

Shiba Cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons

The Shiba cryptocurrency was created as a direct competitor to Dogecoin. It was founded in 2020 under the name Dogecoin killer - Shiba Inu. The Ethereum platform was used as the basis for creating the token. In other words, Shiba is a cryptocurrency made according to the ERC20 standard.

Shiba Inu is a decentralized system that includes a digital asset exchange, an NFT marketplace and a cryptocurrency exchange. At the same time, the protocol completely controls the community. This is the main distinguishing feature of a digital asset. According to the developers, the project is an experiment in the spontaneous construction of a decentralized society.

Advantages of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency

Benefits of Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency

Differs in security and decentralization.
An ambitious team striving to create the best decentralized system.
Shiba is a clone of Dogecoin. Due to this, its cost affects Shiba.
The project controls the community, giving it strong support.

Из недостатков стоит выделить отсутствие какой-то значительной ценности и практического использования. Данные о команде и технологических аспектах практически отсутствуют. Криптовалюта Shiba доступна не на всех биржах.

Криптовалюта Polkadot: плюсы и минусы

Cryptocurrency Polkadot has attracted a lot of attention since its inception. At the moment, it is in the TOP-10 tokens by market capitalization. Experts note that the digital coin can bypass Ethereum.

The platform focuses on web-based decentralization for the interaction of blockchains with each other. Cryptocurrency Polkadot has a number of advantages:

Benefits of Polkadot Cryptocurrency

Benefits of Polkadot Cryptocurrency

It is possible to transfer assets from one blockchain network to another.
Rapid network deployment for anyone.
High level of security.
Decentralized with community support.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the technical incompleteness of the project. There are bugs and lags in the work. The Polkadot cryptocurrency is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Solana: pros and cons

Cryptocurrency Solana has declared itself a direct competitor to Ethereum and its killer. The project is extremely promising and is a scalable decentralized system for launching various projects on its blockchain.

The Solana cryptocurrency has a number of advantages:

Benefits of Solana Cryptocurrency

Benefits of Solana Cryptocurrency

Active dynamics of development over the past year.
Support from OKEx, which has invested $20M in blockchain-based cryptocurrency projects.
More and more investors and other members of the crypto community are joining the project.
Decentralized with community support.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the Solana cryptocurrency has a strong volatility. It is not known whether the token will be able to surpass Ethereum or will remain on the sidelines. Therefore, investing in a token should be done with caution.

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