Pavel Durov's TON project.
TON - Telegram Open Network.

TON is designed to solve a key problem that cryptocurrencies have not been able to solve for 20 years.

Convenience and accessibility for all users.

The launch of their own Gram token in the TON network allowed the Durov brothers to solve the problem of convenience and attract new enthusiasts around the world not only with their security, but also with the possibility of earning money on the Internet.

Automatic earning system with 67% profitability based on the FREE-TON blockchain.


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How much can you earn with Gram?

The launch of the TON platform Gram token could allow the project to become the leader of the entire existing crypto industry. Aton analysts note that Telegram's cryptocurrency is calculated exactly as a currency, and not as a security, based on " Quantitative theory of money ". Now the TON platform is undergoing final testing, but the predicted price by 2024 is more than $ 30 per Gram, at the current price of $ 0.38 per token.

как заработать на Gram

Уincrease your profit 100 times in 2 years!

Taking into account the growing number of Telegram users and the market size, by 2021 the number of active users will reach 675 million, which will entail an increase in the value of the GRAM token by more than x20 and by 2024 by more than x100 times. The math is simple - if you bought 1000 Gram tokens today at $ 0.3 for $ 300, then by the end of the year when selling Gram its projected cost will be $ 6000.00, and by 2024 it will be $ 30,000.00. This calculation is not investment advice.

Pavel Durov's project TON

Gram - 250% profit according to Forbs

The investment company "Aton" is already selling Gram tokens, which they purchased in the first round of sales at a price of $ 0.38 for $ 1.33 "coins". The profitability of the transaction is 250%. This is a positive growth trend in the value of the Gram token. Under the investment agreement, restrictions are now imposed on the sale of the token in order to avoid devaluation and the full volume of gram tokens can be sold within 2 years, while every 3-6 months no more than 25% of the total volume. * Forbs data source

Gram попал под запрет США.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has temporarily suspended the distribution of Telegram and its subsidiary TON Issuer Inc of their Gram tokens in the United States. This has led to an increase in the value of the tokens, as more than $ 2 billion has already been raised from US investors.

Pavel Durov's project TON

Why does Durov need cryptocurrency?

ПThe TON project was developed as an alternative to Visa and Mastercard payment methods. For the convenience of Telegram users in buying and selling goods, you can accept payments in Gram tokens, which will significantly increase its value, and also the value. This allows all Gram token holders to receive additional income, providing liquidity to the TON blockchain network.

Рredicted growth of the Gram token: + 340% per year

GRAM token

How to get a Gram token.

  • Fill out the registration form. We will transfer your registration data to the consultants of the TON network
  • The consultant will call you back to confirm registration
  • Determine the amount for which you want to receive Gram and connect the program