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For a stable income in the forex market, bots and scripts have been used for a long time, written to analyze the forex market and make a quick decision. More than 98% of transactions in the forex market are made by scripts in automatic mode with a profit of $ 3,000 per month.

How to make money on forex

We have gone through a lot in the Forex market. We lost money and made money on Forex. In this section, we will share with you exactly the experience of how NOT to EARN (do) and how to consistently receive income from $ 1000 per month. How you can be deceived and how to avoid being deceived.

Top forex brokers

This section is devoted to investment directions for making money in the forex market and choosing a reliable partner. We share our experience on how to distinguish a reliable forex broker from a scammer and a kitchen system that works against you for its own profit. The best forex brokers with trading tips.

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