Automatic Forex trading.

The number of transactions in the forex market, which are opened automatically using algorithmic programs, is growing every year. This allows you to avoid human mistakes and unnecessary emotions, which has a positive effect on the result of automated forex trading.

Automated trading software has been used in all Forex markets for over 10 years, since programs quickly analyze the market, open or close positions. You do not have to trade manually, it is enough to activate the script program in your trading terminal.

Forex trading software

Forex trading software

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How does automated Forex trading work?

Automatic Forex is a script program for analyzing market information for timely making a trading decision to open a position. The analysis is carried out on more than 100 parameters, from the historical chart of prices for currencies or raw materials, to fluctuations in the spread on the stock exchange. After performing the analysis, the algorithmic program generates a proposal for the tader based on the previously obtained data or performs forex trading automatically.

We have analyzed programs for automatic trading in the financial market. Here is the result of really working scripts for algorithmic trading.

automatic Forex trading

Comon index, what is it?
26.6% stable profit

Comon Index Powered by Algorithmic Trading Gurus Alexander Gorchakov .It is a balanced and popular auto-follow script that perfectly complements the work of others. indicators and shows the dynamics of profit more than the S & P500 Forex index by 26.6%. The Comon Index is suitable for all platforms.

According to our test result for finam platform Comon automatic forex trading index, we received 41% profit in 2 months, with an initial investment of 10,000. * This calculation is not investment advice.

Comon Index

Algorithmic script Generic A-TLP. 22.9% secure profit

The trading robot itself was previously redesigned from the Asia Expert Advisor with a very large number of modifications. We were able to test Version 12.38 on automated forex trading with 8 currency pairs. Generic A-TLP proved to be a standard flat scalper advisor and is a base for trading at night during the Asian trading session.

This program automatically trades only in a flat market, and is not applicable to trend trading. But we got a stable 22 percent rate of return.

Programs for automatic forex trading

Any software for algorithmic trading in the financial market has technical characteristics that can be prioritized when choosing a particular forex broker.

  • Performance. The robot should not have a delay in order execution. The speed of trade execution affects day trading, volume and profitability.
  • Security. This is one of the main criteria when choosing a program. The software will work with your money and it must be securely protected.
  • Functionality. Possibility of multi-threaded trading on several currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and raw materials simultaneously using various forex strategies.
  • Convenience. One-touch correction of the algorithmic trading program, and also - IMPORTANT !!! the ability to turn off the program at any time.

Types of automatic Forex.

Automatic Forex trading implies that actions to open or close positions take place without the participation of a trader. Or with minimal participation. Therefore, all automatic Forex trading is divided into copying trades - we repeat all transactions of the selected trader and trading on violins (bots) - software that must be connected to the MT4 terminal.

Each of the presented methods has its pros and cons, therefore, automatic forex also requires control and adjustment by the trader. But the fact that this type of trading significantly simplifies life and increases profits is unambiguous. Let's take a look at some of the features and in what situations algorithmic forex trading makes a profit, and in what situations it makes a loss.

automatic Forex trading

Automatic trading in MetaTrader 4

Algorithmic Forex trading on Meta Trader 4 is based on repetitive trading algorithms. Open any chart of any currency or crypto. If you set the chart range to one year, then you can see an uptrend. If you set the daily timeframe, then you will see the chart change in the form of frequently repeated algorithms that Algorithmic Forex trading uses.

Each of the algorithms is based on the application of one or another trading strategy, which we managed to describe mathematically. C # programming language. There are many trading squeaks or trading bots on sale now. Alas, each of them must be monitored and adjusted to work. The cost of a program for automatic forex trading can reach $ 300,000. When you purchase, you will receive detailed information on its installation and configuration. Many of them can be tested for free.

автоматический форекс

Copy Forex trades

Copying trades implies - this is an automatic forex based on the duplication of all trades of your chosen trader. You can choose from hundreds of many traders, both profitable and non-profitable trades you will copy, but first of all you need to understand the basics of the basics.

Platform for copying trades. Only regulated, since this is a guarantee against fraud and that all traders are real people, not a picture or a bot. Since all reports and documents on traders whose transactions are copied are submitted to the regulatory body, and if the trader's competence is sufficient, then only after that the broker will be allowed to add his portfolio to programs for automatic trading on Forex, in particular, copying trades.

автоматическая торговля на Форекс

How to connect automatic forex trading.

  • Fill out the registration form. Your data will be transferred to the specialized department.
  • A specialist will contact you to confirm registration and select a program.
  • Start a trading robot.

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Comon index versus Moscow Exchange and S & P500 indices.

The automatic earning system in 2021 showed the best results when using the Comon auto-follow-up service. The growth was impressive and outperformed other trading exchanges including the Moscow Exchange and the S & P500. The Comon index is more than 36%, and the automatic forex based on the algorithms of the Comon auto-follow service brought its investors more than 50% of the net profit. The Moscow Exchange index showed a much worse result in 2021.

Therefore, despite the many problems that the world economy was coping with due to the coronavirus, thanks in part to the Comon Index, as well as the automatic earnings system, they were able to quickly restore positions and update all-time highs