Universal trading strategy

All traders sooner or later think about a universal strategy that could provide them with a profit, if not in a hundred, then at least in eighty percent of transactions. Fortunately, the Internet is full of descriptions of various strategies, the skillful use of which will help to make money, the only problem is to choose the very universal trading strategy that suits you.

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This article will focus on a universal trading strategy with the appetizing name "Spaghetti".

After viewing the image, it is unlikely that the question arises why this strategy also received its name, so let's go straight to its description.

Spaghetti consists of two bundles of the line (red and blue), as well as various indicators that are designed to help the trader in trading. By the way, if you don't want to bother with setting up indicators, then a debugged assembly can be easily found on the Internet.

Once you have downloaded and installed Spaghetti on your trading terminal, you can start making money.

So, in order to invest up or Buy, you need to wait until the blue line starts to grow and breaks through the bunch of red lines on the chart from the bottom up, at the same time the asset price itself must be above the bunch of blue lines. Next, we look at the indicator below and make sure that the blue line crosses the red one from top to bottom, and the bars of the histogram are above the zero mark. If all of the above conditions are the same, then we bet on an increase at the opening of the candle.

Trading on a downtrend is about the same, with the only difference that the blue lines must break through the red ones, the price must be below the bunch of blue lines, the histogram bars must be below zero, and the middle line on the middle indicator must cross red from top to bottom.

Although the strategy is universal, for large types of candlesticks, for example, daily, it is used extremely rarely, since with this use the number of signals is minimized, although their quality remains the same.

We hope that the Spaghetti trading strategy will take its rightful place in your trading arsenal.

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universal trading strategy

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