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Digital Developers Fund

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Digital Developers Fund

The Digital Developers Foundation is an organization focused on investing in growing digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and domain names. DDF holds 1,540 high-value domain names such as,,,,, a portfolio of names (eg or DDF already leads the charts, such as for $ 170,000, for $ 50,000, or for $ 70,000.


Very few ICOs can provide such a great opportunity to become part of an investment fund that specializes in investing in digital assets. With an experienced management team and an experienced asset manager, DDF is trying to attract traditional IPO fundraising through ICOs. Through ICOs, they do not give people a stake in their fund, but of course, by providing dividends and quarterly reports, they give a stake in the development of DDF.

Why investing

The biggest significance of this ICO is that it is a whole currency and digital stock, so this asset is not only good for speculative buying, but also for medium to long term investments for both retail and institutional investors. But if an investor is looking for a proposal for technological values ​​in the form of these tokens that are part of the platform, or if DDF tokens provide any capital in the development fund, then they are wrong. Investors will receive real profits as soon as DDF hits exchanges and based on key investments and fund growth, the value of the token is determined, and not pure speculative trading, which will take place at the beginning and middle of next year.

ICO Details

Through an Ethereum based ICO, DDF will grow to 249,000 ETH.

Total supply of tokens: 250,000,000 DDF tokens. 1,000 DDF Tokens can be bought for 1 ETH.

The DDF token sale campaign has already started and will end either when 247,500 ETH is raised or on August 10, 2017.

If less than 5,000,000 DDF tokens are sold during the sale period ("Activation Threshold"), each buyer will be able to initiate a transfer of the corresponding amount of ETH using the Smart Contract system from the final address back to the original the address that was used by the buyer to transfer ETH to the Smart Contract system.

Ether that DDF will receive for their tokens sold to buyers during the sale period will be used as follows:

70% on investments in digital assets
15% to create a reserve fund held in BTC, ETH and cash
15% Administration and operations

The company's net income will be used as follows:

50% distributed as dividends
up to 15% performance fee
The rest is reinvestment

Как купить цифровой токен для инвестиции

How to buy a digital token for investment

Send ether to the ICO address during the sale period initiates a smart contract operation, according to which the Smart Contract system will automatically create and promptly deliver the corresponding DDF tokens to the ERC20 wallet address from which the ether was sent.


To prevent participation in money laundering in the ICO, it is necessary to verify the identity and / or source of funds. For example, you may need to show your original passport or ID or utility bill or account statements, or duly certified copies. For institutional investors, you may require a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (and any name change) and Memorandum and Articles of Association (or equivalent).

Several other restrictions can also be applied in some cases:

The ICO participant is not a citizen or resident of a country whose legislation contradicts the current distribution of DDF and / or DDF tokens in general

The ICO participant is not a US citizen or resident

Analysis. Problem

Digital assets such as domain names and cryptocurrencies have high barriers to entry and risk due to lack of regulations, technical barriers and lack of investment vehicles.

Value Proposition

Digital assets are a unique asset class. With a high risk, high barrier to entry, they have shown extraordinary returns over the past ten years. An investment of $ 100 in Bitcoin in 2010 will be over $ 70 million today. DDF, established in 2010 as the Domain Developers Fund, has a solid track record of investing in the. To expand, they add cryptocurrencies and other digital assets to their portfolios.


DDF is a digital asset investment fund designed to mitigate risks and capitalize on extraordinary growth in the long term. The initial fund size is US $ 250 million, but they expect the fund's capacity to grow very rapidly in the coming months and years.

Key Points. Digital Developers Fund

Founded as Digital Developers Fund in 2010 as a public investment fund in the Cayman Islands, managed by JP Funds, BDO audited, regulated by CIMA. The portfolio includes 1,540 premium domains. Current investors include over 50 HNI (High Capital Investors), investment funds and family offices.

The projected profit is 325% per annum.

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