How to make money in a day?

Everyone needs money, but sometimes they need it RIGHT NOW, and more. The reason may be the need to pay for housing, pay off the loan, or an urgent need to buy the latest generation of game consoles.

Most people in Russia work five days a week, getting paid at the end of the month. Imagine their outrage and anger when you want to bypass this ritual of monotonous and long labor, making decent money in just a day.

Here the phenomenon of “buckets of crabs” is activated among the people around. When the crustacean tries to get out of the trap, congeners pull it back with their claws. People have no claws, but there are words, they sometimes hurt more. This is how “wisdom” appears to make you stay in the bucket.

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The most popular wisdom is “free cheese only in a mousetrap”. It is certainly correct, but there is nothing free. Initial investment, mental performance and discipline are needed.

Maybe someone really needs to work long and hard to get what they want, but if you decide to make money RIGHT NOW - we will tell you how.

There are two ways to make money in a day: “safe” and “risky”.

1. Safe way: This includes making money on freelance exchanges or unloading a truck. Such work will bring a penny, so let's move on.

2. Risky way: First of all, these are stock speculations. If you are familiar with the financial / cryptocurrency / stock markets, you know that their profitability is comparable to that of a casino, i.e. here it is quite possible to make $ 100,000 out of $ 100. This is also the main disadvantage. You can also quickly lose all your investment.

For obvious reasons, we do not consider such methods of earning money as robbing a bank / newspaper stand.

Profit earning

Buy cheaper and sell higher is the basis of successful trading. We live in the era of the Internet, there is no need to rent a market place, purchase, transport goods to the point, shouting to the whole market about the uniqueness and quality of your products.

Now all the listed duties are taken by trading exchanges, and you just have to choose an asset that will soon fall or rise in price, instantly earning (or losing). This is the main principle of any financial / cryptocurrency / stock markets.

But enough demagogy, let's get down to business. First of all, you need to decide what type of assets you are interested in. Want to trade stocks like "The Wolf of Wall Street?" - then the stock market is for you. Interested in cryptocurrency? There are tons of decentralized trading platforms out there. And of course Forex if you are interested in currencies and their price-to-price ratio.

Earnings on cryptocurrency

Now the interest in cryptocurrency in the CIS overshadows the stock and foreign exchange markets. Already every grandmother knows the word "bitcoin", and every third concept is a "market bubble", so let's start with her.

Remember when Bitcoin first approached $ 20,000 per token in 2017? A lot of people then chewed off their elbows.

True, then Bitcoin fell again and fell seriously, bankrupting a bunch of young investors hoping for a second miracle. And so, in 2021, Bitcoin has renewed its historical maximum again, breaking the mark of $ 60,000 per token! But time passed and BTC fell below $ 30,000, and then jumped again by $ 46,000.

The essence of cryptocurrency is huge volatility (price range). Although all the methods presented in this article are highly risky, entering the cryptocurrency market without knowledge and a plan is tantamount to going to the casino.

There are many ways to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, from self-study, reading a lot of informational articles from dozens of sites, to buying training.

Many companies offer training in trading, but loud promises often hide an anecdote “about a dinosaur hunter”

“Since childhood, the boy wanted to become a dinosaur hunter. He devoted his whole life to this occupation, becoming a master in it. When it came time to catch the first dinosaur, he realized that the ancient reptiles were long extinct. The boy was not upset and became ... a Dinosaur hunting teacher. ”

There are good courses, but our task is to make money in a day, so we discard this option. To complete the transaction, we only need - the ability to press the "buy" and "sell" buttons.

Cryptocurrency reacts sharply to the statements of opinion leaders, actions of states, or the UN words about the dangers of Bitcoin.

Did you hear how Elon Musk suddenly once again called Bitcoin the most promising project of our time and expect a sharp rise in BTC? Buy! The logic is simple, but where to buy it ?. You can't buy Bitcoin directly, you need cryptocurrency exchanges. First of all, you need to look at the reputation of the company, because it is often "thrown" here. - The largest cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating for several years and has long proven its honesty. - Although the exchange is not that well known, it is a world-class player and you don't have to worry about funds being frozen or other shenanigans. - And the last, reliable and proven option. A distinctive feature of Poloniex is ease of withdrawal and low commission.

Earnings on Forex

Hearing the word Forex, people often swear and throw their phone against the wall. The reason is the dominance of scammers. Although they hate the financial markets in the CIS, they are popular, because many are led by advertising "easy money".

There is NO easy money here. We'll have to strain our brains, and thoroughly and the very first thing to do is to abandon Russian platforms. It sounds unpatriotic, but the CIS has weak regulation of financial markets, in contrast to the European Union, where financial fraud is equated with nuclear weapons trade.

News on currency rates is not influenced as much as in the cryptocurrency or stock market, therefore we rely, firstly, on technical analysis - a separate science that predicts further price movement depending on factors such as “drawing on the chart ”.

Example: “head and shoulders” is one of the most popular figures in technical analysis

For example, the price chart drew such a picture, which consists of three tops, where the central one is higher than two adjacent ones, approximately equal in height.

The bottoms of the tops are the “neckline”. If, after the formation of the pattern, the price breaks the “neckline”, sell and wait for the price to fall. There are many more similar patterns, and if you decide to use technical analysis, they are worth studying.

The second option is to trade without a large-scale plan, buy an asset and sell in a couple of seconds. This is called scalping. It will help you earn the fastest, but the risks increase. We warned about the riskiness of fast money at the very beginning.

Here, as in the case of cryptocurrency, it is worth choosing exchanges from the European Union, for the reasons established earlier.

First of all, first of all, and the rest, and the rest later.

FxPro is the friendliest Forex platform for the Russian audience, because its founder is from Russia, so the site / platform and support are in Russian, and the minimum deposit is $ 100. Perhaps the best option if you decide to make money "fast".

Earnings in the stock market

The oldest and most unknown market in the CIS, which is strange. Stocks - small shares of large companies - act as assets on the stock market. When a company goes public, it divides itself into a bunch of small particles called stocks.

Owning shares in a company entitles you to receive a portion of its income, this is called dividend payments. But for substantial earnings from dividends, a couple of million dollars of investment will be required.

Unlike other markets, the concept of "fundamental analysis" is applicable here, ie. analysis of such indicators as: the company's market debt, its income, capitalization and many other parameters.

Fundamental analysis is quite difficult for beginners, but it will give you more control over the situation. Although this type of analysis works better in long-term trading, it should be taken into account, and if you combine F.A. with technical analysis, you may well become a real investor!

But due to timing, scalping is our option. We select a stock and buy / sell it, hastily analyze it and hope for a miracle.

Just kidding, you shouldn't hope for a miracle, you will quickly lose all your money. In the stock market, it is better to combine news analysis, fundamental and technical analysis at the same time (at least in a basic sense), then the chances of making money will increase significantly.

Unlike cryptocurrency and forex platforms, here it is better to choose an American broker. The stock market originated in the United States and is better developed there. High competition within the country forces brokers to pamper clients with reduced commissions and other pleasant bonuses.

The best option is The company's website has been fully translated into Russian, which is important.

The company has been operating since 1977 + there is an organization in the USA called the SEC. The SEC is extremely strict about any fraud of the broker, not only to obvious deception, but also to the incorrect provision of information.

Any of the above areas is associated with high risk and the better you understand where you are investing, the higher the chance of earning. Ready to rely on your luck? Ok, but if you want to make trading a permanent source of income, you should understand it thoroughly. Even if you're lucky 100 times, you still have a chance to stumble.

That's probably all, good luck on the stock market speculation!

How to make money in a day?

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