How to make money on Gazprom stocks

If your goal is long-term investments and monthly receipt of dividends from the purchase of Gazprom shares, then we can advise you on the main issues and help you buy Gazprom shares through investment companies without going to the bank .

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What is the trend in Gazprom stock?

Gazprom stocks are blue chips the Russian stock market as the most profitable and liquid assets, which account for more than 27% of the daily turnover of the Moscow Exchange.

Gazprom stock trend

Why is it profitable to invest in Gazprom stocks

Gazprom's dividend payments in 2021 are planned for more than 27% with an increase of 11% compared to the previous year. This is facilitated by the growth in the value of Gazprom shares due to the increased demand for gas, which is now outstripping supply. According to Sber CIB experts, the value of Gazprom's shares will only grow and now is the most favorable time for successful investments.

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How to make money on Gazprom stocks

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The most profitable projects for investment.

Given the rapidly changing financial market and gas prices, the best offer for investors is an international destination. All investors can expect to receive dividend payments averaging $ 850- $ 6,500 monthly income.

cost of Gazprom stocks
  • Power of Siberia
  • Risk: Low
  • Income: from $ 3000 / month
  • Forecast: +63%
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Power of Siberia

The value of Gazprom shares has increased in value after the start of construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. It will be the largest natural gas delivery and transportation system in eastern Russia. Power of Siberia will handle over 11% of the world's gas transit. Investments in the Gazprom "Power of Siberia" project are the most promising ones and ensure stable growth of both the company's shares and its shareholders.

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  • Nord Stream
  • Risk: Low
  • Income: from $ 1500 / month
  • Forecast: + 38%
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Nord Stream

The Nord Stream project is designed to increase throughput without transit gas and increase supplies of natural gas in a European country with a constantly falling domestic production and gas production. This route will significantly reduce the cost of gas while maintaining increased demand and this type of product. Nord Stream provides for the growth in the value of the company's shares. You can still buy Gazprom shares online.